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Plenty of action in Kaikōura

The Kaikōura Cyle Trail looking moody and beautiful as it heads north from the town

There’s plenty of action at the Kaikōura end of the Whale trail with the appointment of Colette Doughty as Project Manager from Hapuku to Kaikōura township.  Colette is working with the Kaikōura Cycle Club, Kaikōura District Council, local community and Te Rūnanga ō Kaikōura to accelerate construction of the trail.

Colette says, “this is a very exciting initiative, we’ve got a sensational, active local biking community who are thrilled to be a part of the trail build”.  With meetings and planning of upgrades of existing trail and discussions around the new trail she says things are really starting to happen for the Whale Trail in the Kaikōura District.

Colette Doughty and trail designer Hamish Seaton at work on the trail

We’re excited about 2024 for the Whale Trail and looking forward to seeing more trail construction.  Keep following our blogs and posts for all the information on what’s happening and when.  And, don’t forget, if you want to get involved we love volunteers, just email us at and let us know how you would like to help.


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