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A bridge to Para

Frosty start for the Elite Construction team installing the Tuamarina bridge north of Bush Road

Cold mornings are a doddle for the Elite Construction team, and that’s quite handy at this time of year.  Despite the chilly conditions, progress on the Picton to Tuamarina section of the Whale Trail is proceeding at pace thanks to our Elite partners. 

Construction Manager, Vicki Nalder, on the trail to the Para Wetlands

We’re delighted with the section under the native trees leading from the Wairau Affray/Te Ārai o Wairau towards the Para wetlands.  Our design and construction team have worked around the larger trees to create a wonderful meandering path that leads to the magical Para Wetlands - another example of a hidden treasures visitors will soon be able to experience as they ride the Whale Trail.

The wetlands are truely a special place, culturally significant and where abundant wildlife is evident.  Fish and Game’s resoration of Marlborough’s largest remaning wetland is wildly successful following the removal of willows, opening channels and planting thousands of trees. 

Our team looks forward to unlocking many other magical places along this exciting 196km long Whale Trail journey.

A handy team! Trail section built by Elite Contractors, bridge constructed by Cuddons Engineering and installed by Evan Jones Cranes, Williams Hoist & Haul and Richardson Brothers builders ... go local!!

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Wombat Breath
Wombat Breath
Jun 21

Great stuff guys - watching this progress from western australia. Can't wait to come over and ride this trail.

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