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Trail design...

Construction of the Whale Trail requires the Whale Trail track design and building team to wind their way through a network of significant historical sites, private and public landowners, and natural features. 

The substrate the trail rests on ranges from the clay of the Wither Hills to the sandy beaches of the South Island’s eastern most coast and the team take care to ensure they leave as small a footprint as possible.

An example of the type of sensitive landscape the trail will potentially pass through.

Its important that the trail respects these fragile environments, and the construction team uses techniques such as building the trail on mats to ensure that as little damage as possible is done to the soil.  By placing matting down on the sandy substrates and building on top of the matting the trail has minimal impact on the environment by removing the need to dig down to a hard base.

The Whale Trail trail designer, Hamish Seaton has a wealth of experience designing trails that respect sensitive landscapes.  He’s designed the Alps to Ocean, Old Ghost Road, Kawatiri Trail and the recently opened Paparoa Trail so he’s well and truly in his element with the Whale Trail.

Hamish Seaton somewhwere on the Whale Trail creating magic!

So we’re thrilled that Hamish is somewhere on the north east coast of Te Waipounamu with his compass and level making notes and creating the Whale Trail, the next Great Ride in Aotearoa!


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