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Welcome to
The Whale Trail...
enjoy the journey

We're creating a spectacular New Zealand biking and walking trail...

The trail

The Whale Trail will be an incredible world-class cycling and walking trail, connecting coastal communities between Picton and Kaikōura.


We're creating a trail of powerful, authentic and exceptional experiences, driven by our regions’ unique stories, amazing natural beauty and the people who call this place home.


Underpinning it all are the whales, whose stories travel the length of coastline along the trail.


Join us for the ride as we develop New Zealand’s newest cycling and walking trail.

Video funded by The Rata Foundation

The stories

The Whale Trail is a chance to discover more about the regions’ people, their individual and collective identities, and offer new ways to express who they are and where they’ve come from.


We believe this intention embodies a key tenet in sustainable tourism – visitation enhances host communities rather than depletes it. 

Gathering a basket of tales to share along The Whale Trail will recast the net, bring old stories to the surface, take new soundings, and bring fresh perspectives into the light – oral histories, memoir, modern science, and the rich collections of The Prow, Te Ara and other repositories.

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Get involved

The Whale Trail is as much about creating a world-class experiences as it is about connecting our communities.

Since the beginning of the trail's planning, the Marlborough Kaikōura Trail Trust has envisioned a community-driven, community focused project, both during development of the trail and once it is established.


There are many ways that you can join us in the planning and construction of The Whale Trail, and to bring our heritage, present and future to life.

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About us

The Whale Trail project is managed by the Marlborough Kaikōura Trail Trust (MKTT).

To maximise all the benefits a new cycling and walking trail can possibly bring, the Trust's work is underlined by an ambition to demonstrate true leadership and innovation in New Zealand's sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation sectors. 

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