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Signs from above!

Way finding signage and stop signs - keeping trail users informed and safe.

At its heart the Key Performance Indicator for any trail is the clear indication of a safe passage across an unfamiliar landscape.  Whether its simple cairns and the hint of previous use, or instructions on a complex cloverleaf feeding onto a four-lane highway, trail markings are the glue that connects the elements that creates the experience on any trail, track or highway.

A cairn, helping people find their way since for ever!

So signage on the Whale Trail receives a great deal of discussion.  The range of signage in these discussions traverses simple wayfinding signs with their wording and warnings, to carefully designed and planned story tell signs that curate and interpret the landscape, history and natural beauty.


When a Whale Trail sign goes in the ground it’s the product of a well worked plan executed by a person with a shovel, a level, and an eye for detail.  The Whale Trail is fortunate to have Steve Alloway with his trail experience and a passion for cycling journeys overseeing and installing our system of signs.  If you see him out on the trail, level and shovel in hand, spare him a moment to say thanks… he’s involved in a tradition that goes a long, long way back into the history of travelling humans!

Signage at the kitset stage.


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