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A small celebration!

Whale Trail construction from the Picton Elevation to Tuamarina around the Para Swamp is about to commence, and excitingly Fulton Hogan will complete the Awatere Bridge rebuild by December meaning you’ll be able to ride from Blenheim to Seddon by mid December.

Its truely a community project with large companies such as Fulton Hogan and small schools like Waikawa Bay School putting their shoulder to help see this trail come alive. Elsewhere the team is marking out the trail, liaising with landowners and designing all the infrastructure required to give you a great experience.

This is a significant program and we’re extremely grateful to our partners and communities for their support and belief in The Whale Trail.

An exciting milestone for The Whale Trail! Fulton Hogan staff align the last concrete bridge decking on the Awatere Bridge.


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