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Summa Bruning loves it here!

Brilliantplace for a wedding photo!

Summa Bruning loves it here.  Originally hailing from Nelson, the South Marlborough resident and business owner speaks passionately about Seddon and surrounds.  Hers is a local wedding through and through. Married at Oak Tree Cottage with reception at the Seddon Hall , Summa and partner chose to have their wedding photos taken in front of the recently created mural on the Awatere Bridge, “the bridge is an iconic piece of South Marlborough history and the mural is a fantastic backdrop to the photo”.

Summa is a member of the South Marlborough Network, a network for South Marlborough community and business to engage, connect & promote the district to the world.  “Its amazing here, and we’re really excited at the opportunities The Whale Trail provides to enhance existing businesses and attract new enterprises to the region.”

She quotes an example from a Destination Marlborough led “Tourism Opportunities” evening.  Held last year, Seddon and surrounds locals discussed the potential for new and existing enterprises to capitalise on the Whale Trail coming through their town.  Possibilities included the Purepod partnership model for landowners with incredible views and locations to create a diversified revenue stream…  “its that kind of concept that will create a sustainable and resilient future for our town”

But in the meantime it’s a brilliant place for a wedding photo!


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